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The production of canisters is not such a technically and materially demanding production but we have been asked by the customer to help to solve the problem of insufficient strength of welds and residual shrinkage (poor dimensional stability). Customer also tried to change the production line settings but these changes were not enough to solve the problem.

In portfolio of Granic® materials we have a specially developed type of masterbatch for the production of blown canisters because the carrier is made of HDPE for blow moulding. We achieved the required dimensional stability and high strength of welds with this type. Calcium carbonate has naturally reinforcing properties and thanks to the higher thermal conductivity the welds are stronger. Another benefit was reduction of the white masterbatch, we decreased the dosage by 50 % because the calcium carbonate has a very high whiteness (96 %), we increased TOP LOAD and we achieved production faster by 15 %.

We recommend silica-based materials for specific applications where barrier properties are required. These materials reduce water vapor transmission, oxygen transmission and odors.

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