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We often meet requirements for specifying additives that increase ring stiffness with reduced wall thicknesses (mono or 2 layer pipes) in the production of corrugated pipes.

One of our customers contacted us with this requirement. He standardly produces 2 layer corrugated HDPE pipes and sometimes he has problems to keep their standard (according to the norm) stiffness (even in the case of primary material production). We recommended 2 different types of Granic® materials to solve this problem.

These materials were different in the type of used mineral (calcium carbonate and talc). For less demanding applications, the calcium carbonate-based material was fully compliant – by reducing the thickness of the wall and maintaining the original meter weight, we achieved both standard (according to the norm) and higher ring stiffness. For more demanding applications, it was necessary to use talcum-based material.

On a global scale, we have met the requirement for an additive that increases ring stiffness and at the same time we produced a product with better shape stability and more accurate ribbing and reduced production costs.

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